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Introducing Palmdale

11 days ago 1454 Views No comments

We are excited to announce our latest addition to the Cabinets.com lineup: the Palmdale RTA collection. This cabinet line is manufactured by ProCraft Cabinetry and sold exclusively online by Cabinets.com, as an RTA product.

Trending: Natural Wood Cabinets

1 month ago 5925 Views 2 comments

Painted and dark stained cabinets have been trending for many years and we wanted to celebrate natural wood cabinets this month! Cabinets, in their natural state, with no paint or colored stain applied, are becoming popular again. They are a great choice for those looking to add a rustic touch to their space.

Five Incredible Kitchen Transformations

2 months ago 15769 Views No comments

This month, we would like to highlight a few of our customers' incredible kitchen transformations using our cabinets. All of the kitchens went from drab and outdated to gorgeous and magazine-like with the help of our talented kitchen designers and fabulous cabinets selection.

Quick and Easy DIY Projects for Your Kitchen

3 months ago 10521 Views No comments

Not every project in your kitchen has to be long and labor intensive! You can make plenty of updates that won’t take your whole weekend to complete.

Kitchen Decorating Dilemmas

4 months ago 7330 Views No comments

So you have this newly completed kitchen with the cabinets you've always wanted, a beautiful countertop, shiny new hardware, and fancy appliances, but one thing is missing... the décor! Just as there are rules when it comes to designing a kitchen, there are some rules of thumb when decorating it.

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

5 months ago 6826 Views No comments

One of the most popular trends in kitchens today is the mixing of metal finishes within the space. Wait, mixing metals?! Yes! When you have more than one finish in your kitchen, it helps create a unique, collected space rather than one that looks like every other kitchen on the block. But, don't go crazy yet! There are a few rules to follow when mixing the metal finishes in your kitchen...

Trending Painted Finishes for Kitchen Cabinets

6 months ago 5720 Views No comments

Painted finishes on cabinets have been all the rage for a few years, with white being the top choice and gray coming in at second. Now, cabinet companies (including us!) are getting creative and adding more colors to the painted cabinet lineup.

How to Pick the Right Countertops to Complement Your Kitchen Cabinets

8 months ago 3995 Views 3 comments

Your choice in countertop material is a very important decision, usually ranked right after cabinets, and many factors come into play when making this selection in your remodeling project.

How to Pick the Right Backsplash to Complement your Kitchen Cabinets

8 months ago 6644 Views No comments

You've been pinning for months on Pinterest, scouring the internet for kitchen inspiration, and you are finally ready to start your kitchen remodel. You know which cabinets and countertops you want, but what about your backsplash? A backsplash in a kitchen is one of the final touches and helps bring the design together cohesively.

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Island

10 months ago 9812 Views No comments

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular features in homes these days and there are many factors that go into creating the perfect island for your kitchen.

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