Bathroom Vanity Cabinets sells a variety of bathroom vanities with the same great construction as our other cabinets. Our bathroom vanity cabinets feature all-wood construction, dovetail drawers, and soft close features. Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in all 150+ of our cabinet door styles and come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

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Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

You can find vanity cabinet products on our website by using the drop down menu under each door style selection.

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Creating a Bathroom Vanity

A common misconception with bathroom vanity cabinets is that a vanity is all one cabinet, when in most cases, especially when two sinks are being incorporated, it’s a combination of cabinets. The main reason for this is that you may need to fill a width greater than what a single cabinet can fill. Other reasons may be that you need to have a sink cabinet centered on plumbing or want to work in a specific type of storage.

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Single & Double Vanities

For a single bathroom vanity, you can start with a vanity sink base cabinet, or combination vanity, and if width allows, add a vanity drawer base cabinet or standard vanity base cabinet. For double vanities, you would again select your sink vanities or combination vanity and then add a vanity drawer base, standard vanity base, or even a knee drawer.

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Single Vanity Cabinet

Single Vanity

Double Vanity Cabinet

Double Vanity


Our bathroom vanity cabinets are available in all of our cabinet door styles. Order sample doors to see your favorite styles in person! They are fully refundable and shipping is free!

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Standard vs. Tall Vanity Cabinets

When shopping for bathroom vanities, it’s important to note the difference between a standard vanity cabinet and a tall vanity cabinet. This difference is about 3 inches in height (31.125” for standard height vanities and 34.5” for tall height vanities). For main bathrooms and master suites, tall vanity cabinets are preferred because the 34.5” height makes using the vanity more comfortable. Standard height bathroom vanities are more commonly used for kids’ bathrooms and vessel sinks.

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 Vanity Cabinet with Standard and Tall Cabinets

Standard Sink With Tall Drawers

Need Help With Your Vanity?

As always, if you need help selecting the right cabinets for your needs, our professional designers are happy to assist! They are free to work with and can provide expert advice, 3D design renderings, itemized quotes, and even custom cabinet SKUs built to fit your space. Get started today by submitting a design request!

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