White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are at the top of the request list when it comes to kitchen cabinetry colors. White is a timeless color choice, and sure to brighten up any space for a fresh, clean look. White kitchen cabinets are extremely versatile, with the ability to complement a variety of designs and style choices such as countertops, hardware, and backsplash.

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Painted White Kitchen Cabinets

From the purest of bright whites to soft and creamy off-whites, Cabinets.com offers a tremendous variety of off-white and white kitchen cabinets. Each paint color will reflect light differently depending on the specific shade chosen and the light sources coming into the space.

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Brushed Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

We offer two different colors of brushed glazes for our off-white and white cabinets. These brushed glazes are applied with a large brush overtop the paint to create a rustic, weathered feel.

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We have sample cabinet doors available in all of our white and off-white door styles. Take the first step in your renovation project by ordering fully refundable sample doors!

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Standard Glaze White Cabinets

Depending on the specific base paint color chosen, we offer Chocolate and Coffee glazes to highlight the edging on the cabinet doors. These glazes are hand-applied with a small paint brush.

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Rub Through Kitchen Cabinets

For a unique rustic touch, Cabinets.com offers a rub through enhancement on some of our white kitchen cabinet door styles. To create this look, the paint on certain edges of the door is manually rubbed off to reveal the natural maple wood underneath.

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