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6 Steps to Prep Your Kitchen for the Holidays

6 Steps to Prep Your Kitchen for the Holidays
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Yes, it's that time of year again!! The holidays are right around the corner and now is the time to get your kitchen ready for the season. The kitchen becomes the main hub during the holidays and most people entertain, cook, and clean more than they do the rest of the year. We have 6 simple steps you can take now so that you'll be ready for the holiday festivities to begin!

Go Clutter-Free

The kitchen will be a flurry of activity and it’s best to put away bills, paperwork, or anything else that you wouldn't want lying around. Clean countertops are also a necessity when cooking and entertaining. You want to be able to prep your meals with ease and not have to work around a mess!

This kitchen is clutter free and ready for the holidays!

Clean All Your Appliances

Now is also a great time to clean your appliances since they will be in high demand. We suggest wiping down the microwave so it's sparkling clean. Also, take the time now to clean out your oven and get rid of any baked-on food that may have accumulated. Make sure the cooktop is clean as well! The refrigerator and freezer should be emptied and wiped down. Toss any food that's seen better days in order to make room for all your holiday meals.

Clear Out the Pantry

While you're cleaning your appliances, it's a good time to clear out the pantry of any expired food as well. Grocery hauls tend to double during the holidays and it's nice to have a clean, organized pantry to put everything away in.

Stock Up on the Staples

Take advantage of all the sales going on in preparation for the holiday hustle and stock up on the basics you will need. Flour, sugar, spices, and other cooking necessities are almost always on a constant sale this time of year. There's nothing worse than running out of flour halfway through a cookie baking session - so stock up now! Also, buy extra trash bags, reusable containers, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. Those are often in-demand items when entertaining during the holidays.

Take Inventory

It's the time of year when you finally get to pull out all your beautiful servingware and show it off! Take the time to inventory all that you have and keep in mind anticipated meals you will be serving to ensure you have enough to serve your culinary creations in. If you know you're going to be hosting a large number of people, we suggest taking stock of all your dinnerware and silverware as well. Doing this beforehand will give you the time to purchase additional place settings if need be.

Finally, time to use the pretty china in your display cabinet!

Plan Ahead

Along the same lines of taking inventory of your servingware, it's important to plan all your meals well ahead of time. By planning, you can determine what can be made a few days before your holiday get-together all the way to what needs to be done before your first guest walks through the door. By planning ahead, it makes for a much more relaxed host and allows you to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Follow these six simple steps and your kitchen will be good to go for your holiday entertaining this year! Happy Holidays to all our readers from everyone here at Cabinets.com

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