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Kitchen Countertop Ideas You'll Love

Kitchen Countertop Ideas You'll Love
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Aside from cabinet selection, countertops are one of the most important choices you will make in any kitchen or bathroom remodel or new build. We get so many questions from customers on countertops from pros and cons of materials to what goes best with certain cabinet finishes that we thought we would do a round-up of the most popular countertops we see with our cabinets, as well as provide some information on each material.

The number of options when it comes to selecting a countertop is endless, but we will start with the basics of the materials first. They all have their benefits and there is a perfect option for each customer that fits their style and budget.


This is the most budget-friendly, basic countertop option available. Laminate manufacturers include Formica, WilsonArt, and Pionite, to name a few. Laminate has come a long way and has moved beyond the basic one-dimension color into choices that resemble natural stones such as granite and marble. The benefits of a laminate countertop are its stain resistance, as well as limitless color and pattern options, along with affordability. The down side to laminate countertops is the durability. Laminate is susceptible to scratches and is not a heat resistant surface.

Natural Stone

Natural stone surfaces, which include marble and granite, are the most popular countertop choices for most kitchen and bath projects. Both marble and granite are options that guarantee a higher resale value and are more desirable to home buyers, but they do have their own pros and cons.

Marble is smooth and has so many variations with colors and patterns. It is also a heat resistant material, which is a great feature in the kitchen. Unfortunately, marble is an expensive countertop choice and also has some durability issues, as it can easily be scratched and stained due to its soft porous nature.

Granite is a more durable option to marble as it is scratch resistant and heat and water resistant (if sealed). It's also a less expensive option, but the limitless color/pattern options still remain.

Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone, or quartz, surfaces are quickly becoming a top contender in kitchens and bathrooms. These surfaces are sold by companies such as Caesarstone, Silestone, and Cambria. It is becoming a popular choice due to its extreme durability (non-porous, scratch, and heat resistant) and ease of maintenance (doesn't have to be sealed). There are so many options available and there are many patterns available that mimic marble and concrete.

Below is a kitchen with a Cambria quartz top…notice the flecks of bright turquoise through the stone. Such a different take on the white countertop!

Here's another example of an engineered stone countertop… this one is made to mimic marble. You get all the beauty without the worry!

Now with the basics covered, here are a few countertop choices that we have seen our customers use and have had beautiful results!

White Springs GraniteA creamy white background with chocolate brown veining… would pair great with our Espresso Stained cabinets!

Glacier White Granite — This is your option if you are looking for an alternative to Carrera Marble. This granite is white with gray veining and is a dead ringer for the marble.

Bianco Antico Granite — This is a heavier, more standout option. It has a white background with lots of movement and variation. Below is an example of Bianco Antico paired with our "Hawthorne" Cabinets in Alabaster.

Alpine White Granite — This is a very popular option and has a creamy white background and specs of black and clear quartz.

If you are someone who has decided on your kitchen countertop already, maybe it is time to think about which kitchen cabinets go with that countertop. Talk to our kitchen designers today to get help with your new kitchen design and selection of kitchen cabinets.

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Jenny Dominic 9 months ago at 3:31 AM
Laminate , alpine granite in kitchen gives it a elegant look, even wood flooring would also add great design to the our kitchen as it easy to maintain.
Cabinets.com 9 months ago at 8:35 AM
Hi Jenny,
Agreed! Many of our customers have wood flooring too. It definitely adds to the overall design of the kitchen. Thank you for leaving your comment and feedback on our blog!
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