The True Cost of Cabinets

Budget is a huge factor when designing a kitchen or bathroom and cabinets can take up a large chunk of your remodeling budget.  We thought it would be extremely helpful to show you real customers' kitchens, what they spent on the cabinets, and what affected the cost.  We offer Assembled and Ready to Assemble cabinets, which is a factor in pricing as well.  Assembled cabinets are just as the name suggests - already assembled at the factory and ready to be installed in your home.  Ready to Assemble cabinets are shipped "flat-packed" and will have to be assembled on site. Due to the extra work involved, they are generally lower in cost.

Most cabinet companies, including, will show a 10'x10' price next to a door style.  This pricing is a sample cost of what it would be to have cabinets in a 10 foot by 10 foot L-Shaped space.  It is basic pricing with no upgrades added. It is based on the 12 items shown below (W1230, W1830 (2), W3030, W3612, W3015, CW2430, B18, B24, BER36, SB36, BTK8) and does not include crown molding, decorative hardware, countertops, sink/faucet, or appliances.  The 10'x10' price should be only used as a way to gauge what the style/finish is running cost-wise. Your actual kitchen could come in more or less depending on all the variables that come into play when designing a space.

10x10 kitchen

Example #1: Assembled Shaker II Maple Bright White Kitchen

Estimated Cost (CABINETS ONLY): $7,000-$8,500

A smaller kitchen using our Assembled Shaker II Maple Bright White cabinets.

The kitchen above was designed using our Assembled cabinets in Shaker II Maple Bright White cabinets, which happens to be one of our most popular door styles and finish.  This is a smaller kitchen with only one wall of cabinetry and an island with additional storage space.  Upgrades in this kitchen include glass inserts in some of the doors, two pantry cabinets with soft close roll out trays, tall crown molding, built in refrigerator, large drawers in place of typical cabinet doors, and decorative false door panels on the island.

Example #2: Assembled Shaker II Maple Bright White Kitchen

Estimated Cost (CABINETS ONLY): $9,000-$12,000

A large kitchen featuring our Assembled Shaker II Maple Bright White cabinets.

This kitchen, featuring our Assembled Shaker II Maple Bright White cabinets, differs from the last because it's much larger with more cabinets needed.  The upper cabinets are 60" H (as compared to 30" H, which is included in 10 x 10 prices) and also have additional storage cabinets above with glass inserts.  Upgrades also include decorative crown molding, double stacked built in refrigerator, and a built in wall oven. The island is quite large and is a stand-out with all the decorative panels and custom trim work.

Example #3: Assembled Shaker II Maple Bright White Bathroom

Estimated Cost (CABINETS ONLY): $2,000-$3,000

A large single vanity using our Shaker II Maple Bright White cabinets.

It is helpful to see how much bathroom cabinetry can cost.  It is typically much less than a kitchen since you don't need as many cabinets (or upgraded cabinet accessories) in a bathroom.  Our customer used our Assembled Shaker II cabinets when designing this bathroom.  It consists of one large vanity with two drawer banks and one set of cabinet doors. The bathroom also included a linen cabinet that matches the vanity cabinets.

All the examples we provided were for the cabinets and their components only (such as accessories and trim pieces). The rest of what is shown is additional such as decorative hardware, countertops, sink/faucet, appliances, etc.