Furniture Details for Cabinetry

Updated on: September 02, 2021

Many homeowners look for ways to make their kitchen stand out and adding furniture style details is a great way to accomplish a custom look. Below are a few furniture details adapted for cabinetry that can be added on as details to finish off the look of your space.

Decorative Corbels

Corbels can be added to kitchen islands or peninsulas and can make a simple cabinet look elegant. Most corbels available are detailed and ornate - they will stand out from the cabinets.  Choose corbels wisely since they will draw attention to whatever area they are in. You want them to add to your kitchen, but not overpower it. View our photo gallery for design ideas on decorative corbels here.

decorative corbels add elegant detail to a white kitchen island


A great way to add detail to your kitchen cabinets is to add legs to your island or lower cabinets.  Legs add another level of dimension to the space. Some homeowners even add countertop edge detail to complement the style of the decorative furniture legs. Browse through design ideas on adding post legs here.

post legs placed on both sides of a sink base cabinet elevates the look of the kitchen


An apron, when referring to cabinets, is the piece of wood under and around the countertop overhang on an island or peninsula. The standard height for an apron is 3" and you’ll want to ensure you allow room for legs under the countertop. Browse through our photo gallery for design ideas on how you can add aprons to your kitchen cabinetry here.

apron and post legs shown on a dark stained kitchen island

End Panels

We recommend adding end panels to cabinets whenever the cabinetry doesn't end at a wall. The end panels should match the style of your cabinet doors and drawers. Your kitchen cabinets will look more polished and finished off when end panels are added.

end panel shown in off-white galley kitchen with trash pull out


Decorative valances are added to upper cabinets and come in many different shapes and styles.  They can be used to hide under-cabinet lighting or exhaust fans. A valance above the stove top adds a decorative touch. Valances can also be used in the toe-space in your base cabinets to give it a furniture-look.

valance over kitchen sink in antique white galley kitchen

Toe Kicks

The standard toe kick in a base cabinet is 4", which allows homeowners to stand at their cabinets comfortably and not knock their toes on the top when moving.  There may be a spot in your kitchen that isn't essential to food prep or cleaning where you can add a more decorative style toe kick. A more detailed toe kick will give an island a look of being free-standing furniture.

toe kick on a Shaker II Maple Toffee base cabinet


We have a selection of crown moldings and inserts that can be added on to your upper cabinets. Adding crown to cabinets will help the kitchen look finished off. You can select a molding or insert to match the style of your kitchen. A rope inset can also be added to the crown molding for a decorative accent. Check out some beautiful crown molding ideas  shaker-style white kitchen with furniture style details like crown molding

Talk to a kitchen designer today to get expert advice on how you can add furniture details to your kitchen cabinets.