Wall cabinet rendering with filler piece

What Are Fillers? Why Would I Need Them?

A filler is a piece of finished wood used to "fill" openings or gaps between cabinets, or a cabinet and any obstruction, that would inhibit the doors or drawers from fully functioning. If corners, tight spaces, and uneven walls are a challenge in your kitchen design, fillers may be necessary to complete your installation.

Typically, fillers are used to finish the space where an overall dimension of cabinetry is less than the overall wall dimension. Most often, fillers are used vertically at the side of a cabinet, but they can also be used horizontally as crown molding risers or trim.

Fillers are sold in 3" and 6" widths, and various lengths. Choose a length equal to or slightly greater than the specific space you need to fill - they are designed to be field-trimmed. offers fillers to match each one of our cabinet door styles. In addition, we also offer fluted fillers that are grooved , or "fluted", for an extra design touch.

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