Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

Our most popular stain of kitchen cabinets is espresso. Espresso is a rich, warm toned stain that beautifully complements today's neutral color palette. When paired with a more traditional door style such as our Bronson door, espresso cabinets can look elegant and sophisticated. When paired with a clean, simple door style like our Shaker or Colonial door, espresso cabinets can look sleek and modern.

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Our espresso stains are sprayed manually over the entire cabinet face frame, door, and drawer to create consistent coverage. Even so, each cabinet door will be slightly unique because the stain allows the natural, inherent markings of the wood to show through.

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Espresso is a beautiful dark stain that is consistently popular for cabinetry. Take advantage of our sample door program to see our espresso doors in person. Samples are fully refundable and shipping is on us!

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