Custom Cabinet Options & Modifications

We offer semi-custom kitchen cabinets that can be customized according to your space and style, while still remaining a budget-friendly choice. Upgrade your space's look and functionality with the below custom options and modifications available to our customers.

Changing Cabinet Depth

The cabinet depth is defined as the distance from the front of the face frame to the back panel of the cabinet. Changing the cabinet depth can also help with creating focal points within your kitchen. If you are not sure what would be best for your kitchen area, contact one of our kitchen designers and they can help you with free, professional advice.

Depending on the layout of the kitchen, some prefer to have more or less counter-space. Base cabinets come with a standard depth of 24 inches and can be decreased to a minimum depth of 12 inches. Wall cabinets come with a standard depth of 12 inches and can either be decreased to a minimum depth of 6 inches or increased to a maximum depth of 24 inches.

Change to Depth

When and Why Should I Change My Cabinet Depth?

Sometimes a depth modification is necessary to clear an obstruction or to leave more room for a walkway. Another reason to change cabinet depth is for the look for the cabinetry - to create a sense of dimension. Also, if you want your upper cabinets to have staggered heights with crown molding, the taller cabinets are usually increased in depth to have an area for the crown molding to return to.

Preparing for Open or Mullion Glass with Finished Interior

Commonly referred to as PFI or PFI Mullion in the industry, this refers to glass cabinets and the way the doors and interior are constructed and finished. The interior is stained or painted to match the exterior. When you look through the glass, you will see the cabinet color continue rather than seeing the typical plywood interior.

*Deerfield PFI and PFI Mullion Assembled Cabinets will also be stained or painted on the top and bottom of the cabinet with the cabinet sides, unlike standard Deerfield cabinets, which will have an unfinished top and bottom, as well as unfinished sides. The PFI and PFI Mullion cabinet sides will not have skins or be flush, but they will be stained or painted.

Our Deerfield Assembled Cabinets do not include the glass, as it would most likely be shattered during shipments. Please visit your local glass store for the glass inserts. They are typically very affordable. Learn more about How to Install Glass in Cabinet Doors.

Glass Options

Why Have Open or Mullion Glass?

Glass inserts are placed purely for decorative display and do not have any real functionality. It gives a custom look to your kitchen cabinetry and allows you to display your favorites pieces like glassware or china. Many of our customers like having glass inserts in their home bars!

Choosing Between a Left or Right Hinge

When purchasing an assembled single cabinet with only 1 door, you will have the option to select a left or right-side hinge. If needed, Deerfield® wall cabinets can be flipped 180 degrees to change the hinge location to the other side. The hinges will allow the door to open to 110 degrees.

When Facing the Cabinet Front

If you’re thinking of ways to add custom options and modifications to your kitchen cabinets and not sure what would be best for your kitchen, talk to one of our kitchen designers today! Our staff of elite kitchen designers provide expert advice on customization, 3D renderings, itemized quotes, and more… all for FREE!

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