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Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen
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One of the most popular trends in kitchens today is the mixing of metal finishes within the space. Wait, mixing metals?! Yes! When you have more than one finish in your kitchen, it helps create a unique, collected space rather than one that looks like every other kitchen on the block. But, don't go crazy yet! There are a few rules to follow when mixing the metal finishes in your kitchen...

No More than 3 Finishes in the Space

When you introduce more than 3 finishes into a space, it can look like overkill. There should be one main finish and then 1-2 accents that are used in small amounts. Below is an example of a customer's kitchen with 3 finishes: stainless steel appliances, a dark copper on the hardware, and a bright copper finish for the lighting. They all work together seamlessly with the two accents being the same metal, but different tones.

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

It's pretty easy to mix it up in your kitchen and use different metal finishes. One shouldn't have any reservation when wanting to jump in on this trend!

If you'd like design help for your kitchen, we have professional kitchen designers on staff who can help you plan out your space, including hardware finish recommendations to match your cabinetry. Give them a call at 877-573-0088 to get started planning your new kitchen.

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