Alternative Locations for your Microwave

Updated on: August 01, 2022

The most typical kitchen places the microwave above the range. The reasoning is simple... it provides ventilation and it is in the area where the most cooking is done. But I challenge you to think outside the box and really make your kitchen look fantastic. Move the microwave! It can be placed in a variety of other places and with it away from your range, you have the opportunity to install a beautiful custom hood. There are so many great options, a carved wood hood with the ventilation mechanisms hidden, or a commercial style stainless steel range hood that makes your kitchen look like a place where a professional belongs! These beauties also provide better ventilation than your typical over the range microwave set-up.

Here are 3 alternatives to the traditional microwave placement...

The first option is to choose a base cabinet inside your kitchen island that allows for a microwave to slide into, with a drawer cabinet below. Remember, you must have a 110 volt electrical connection built into the cabinet unit for the microwave to work.

A shallow upper cabinet can house a microwave as well. A small set of cabinets for storage sits above the microwave, with counter space below for food prep

Our third option for building in your microwave is to stack it inside a column of cabinets. Cabinets go above and below the microwave to create an "appliance garage", which can house items such as a toaster or a stand up mixer too. Remember, allow for outlets behind the cabinets so that you can plug in appliances