3 Kitchen Design Details We Love!

Updated on: August 31, 2022

3 Kitchen Design Details We Love!3 Kitchen Design Details We Love!

Sometimes designing a kitchen is all in the details. For anyone worrying that their cabinets might look a little plain or wondering what extra features will provide much-needed functionality, we have three enhancements and design features, in no particular order, that you’re sure to love as much as we do!

1. Post Legs

Post legs are a great way to add class and elegance to your kitchen island or bottom cabinets. Whether your style is traditional or transitional, post legs can add character to any kitchen.

The kitchen below incorporated thicker post legs with minimal Shaker II Maple Bright White cabinets to create a beautiful transitional kitchen. We love how the curves of the post leg contrast with the clean lines of the shaker cabinets.

White island with post legsWhite island with post legs

For a more rustic look, the customer below paired post legs with more traditional cabinets. Proving that post legs aren’t just for islands, these bottom cabinets make a statement with the added flair. The legs also create balance and keep the bottom cabinets from looking too plain beneath the hood and molding of the uppers.

Ginger glaze cabinets with post legsGinger glaze cabinets with post legs

Post legs add charm to areas that might normally go unnoticed in your kitchen. No need to limit post legs to the island, this feature can go anywhere. Get creative! Post legs also look great as an accent for the cabinets under your stove or a home bar area. This small addition goes a long way toward making your kitchen feel unique, earning it a spot on our list.

2. Corbels

Oh, corbels. How we love thee! Corbels are the perfect combination of functional and beautiful; they offer support for counters, cabinets and shelves while bringing so much charm to your kitchen. Corbels vary in style and amount of detail, so don’t assume that you need to have an ornate or traditional kitchen to incorporate this feature.

Starting off our list of examples, this white kitchen is the definition of classy and elegant. This customer chose to add mission corbels to the kitchen island. Combined with stunning granite countertops, those corbels are a thing of beauty. They are more minimal, so they would look great in a transitional kitchen.

White island with granite countertops and corbelsWhite island with granite countertops and corbels

Not into minimalism? Don’t worry, because this next corbel has more charm and detail than it knows what to do with. This Springfield Maple Espresso island features corbels with a classic design, which works well in more traditional kitchens. Combined with the two-toned kitchen, the corbels make a bold statement and add visual interest to the island.

Springfield maple espresso island with corbelsSpringfield maple espresso island with corbels

If this still isn’t enough detail for you, we have just the kitchen. The customer below added corbels to the island and cabinets below the stove for a glamorous kitchen.

Like the kitchen above, this space creates drama with a two-toned design, pairing Youngstown Maple Antique White Brushed Brown Glazed cabinets with a Springfield Maple Java Coffee Glaze island. The ornate corbels feature a botanical design and work well with the molding of the cabinets and walls.

Antique white with brushed brown glaze cabinets with corbels with a botanical designAntique white with brushed brown glaze cabinets with corbels with a botanical design

Corbels look stunning in any space. Depending on the style of corbel, this enhancement can make your kitchen feel grand and traditional or sleek and minimal. Like post legs, these are a popular addition to islands, but they can also be added to hoods and shelves.

3. Pull Outs

Post legs and corbels add charm to the outside of your cabinets, but let’s focus on the things you don't see. After all, true beauty is on the inside. Pull out storage: it’s a wonderful way to declutter your life and make your kitchen more functional.

One of the most popular ways to use pull outs is to hide your trash. No one really likes seeing their trash in some corner of the kitchen or at the end of the island. With trash pull outs, garbage is out of sight and out of mind!

The customer below made the most of a smaller kitchen, using pull outs to save on space.

Antique white cabinets with trash pull outAntique white cabinets with trash pull out

Not just for kitchens, you can also hide the trash in your bathroom. Now you can admire the Shaker II Maple Charcoal cabinets without any distractions.

Shaker II maple charcoal bathroom cabinets with laundry basket pull outShaker II maple charcoal bathroom cabinets with laundry basket pull out

You can also organize your kitchen with a spice pull out. No more digging for spices, everything you need is conveniently organized by the stove. What a thyme saver! (Sorry for those of you who hate puns).

Willow gray spice pull outWillow gray spice pull out

There's nothing we love more than a kitchen or bathroom that functions well. While perhaps not as flashy as the other enhancements on this list, it's hard to overlook how organizational features go a long way toward improving your kitchen. Whether you're looking to save space or just hate looking at your trash, pull out cabinets are a perfect solution for a cluttered space.

That wraps up our list of design details and features we love. If you liked what you saw, you can view even more pictures in our gallery for inspiration. If you already know you want to spice up your kitchen, then we recommend consulting with one of our talented designers to make the most of your space. Did we mention that it’s free!