Palmdale by Procraft Kitchen Cabinet Policies (Delivers in Approximately 2-3 Weeks)

Delivery Timeframe

  • Palmdale cabinets and accessories are delivered in approximately 2-3 weeks after the order is placed. All Palmdale cabinets include free delivery (on orders over $2,500.) All orders include call ahead for appointment.
  • Orders shipping to the west coast may incur additional lead-time

Delivery Methods

  • All deliveries are tailgate delivery only. This means that the freight company is only responsible to take the product to the tailgate or end of the truck.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The customer receiving the product is responsible to unload all items off the truck. Many of the products are very large/heavy and may require at least two or three people to unload.
  • Orders with large cabinets such as a pantry or oven cabinet, or orders with large panels, will need to ship on over-sized pallets due to the product sizes and will not be able to utilize a lift gate. If your order is able to utilize a lift gate, it will be automatically included on your delivery.
  • All shipping locations must be able to accommodate for large tractor trailers. A large tractor trailer truck includes a 53' bed and can be as long as 73' with the truck cab. If the location cannot handle a large tractor trailer, then special accommodations must be made and additional fees may apply.
  • The customer is responsible to notify at the time of purchase if the delivery address is not accessible for a large freight truck and we will help make the special accommodations after the order is placed. has the final say on whether or not we can access a particular area.
  • The customer will receive an email after the cabinets have shipped with the shipping information. The transit time can add an additional 2-5 business days to the overall delivery time. The customer will receive a call from the freight company to be notified of the delivery day and time frame. This time and date cannot be changed and the customer will be responsible to have someone 18 years or older at the location to accept the delivery.
  • The driver will not unpack the cabinets; however if a cabinet appears to the damaged you may ask to open the box for further inspection. The driver is not responsible to haul away any trash.
  • Some parts and accessories will be shipped via FedEx or UPS and will be dropped off at the delivery site. Generally, no signature is required.

Shipping Policies

  • will ship all orders in the timeliest manner possible, however is neither responsible nor liable for any delays in the shipment of your product due to manufacturing delays or any other unforeseen delays that are out of control.
  • Some items are shipped using a third party shipping company (UPS, FedEx, National Freight Carrier, etc.) that is not affiliated in any way with Only the necessary customer information will be provided to the shipping company. All products are shipped to one customer and to one location in the United States (excluding Hawaii & Alaska).
  • Deliveries include ONE attempt by the shipping company to deliver the product to the consumer. All shipping notifications will be sent via email. If for any reason the customer is unavailable to accept the order and the product is undeliverable under any circumstances, the customer will be responsible for any extra shipping and handling charges.
  • Delivery to your address may be limited by location or other circumstances. We reserve the right to change delivery methods and/or carriers. If a scheduled delivery cannot take place due to weather, truck issues etc. the delivery agent will call and reschedule. is not responsible for lost time or wages due to a shipment being delayed.
  • will ship anywhere in the Continental United States that has normal access and does not require special handling to reach the site (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). All products can be shipped to businesses with or without a loading dock, residences, and construction sites. If your delivery location has additional restrictions and requires custom delivery, a quote will be provided. Special cases include but are not limited to: ferry access only or located in a remotely rural area that isn't covered by standard freight carriers. Restricted delivery access will have additional charges and may require extended lead times for delivery based on your location circumstances and available delivery agent. If you have questions about your delivery location, please call Customer Service. If you place an order and we determine the area is not serviced by our standard freight carriers, we will contact you at that point to give you a quote.

Receiving Policies

  • CHECK YOUR ORDER TO MAKE SURE IT IS COMPLETE. You must check to make sure that all items on the order sheet are delivered by the shipping company.
  • All missing and visibly damaged items must be clearly marked on the drivers paperwork. Make sure to get a copy of the Bill of Lading that includes both the drivers and the customer's signature.
  • The bill of lading (driver’s paperwork) indicates the number of cartons or the number of pallets, not necessarily the number of items. You must open and check that all items on the order have been received before you sign the paperwork.
  • After all products are inspected, sign off on the drivers paperwork. Once the customer signs off that all cabinets are received, will not be responsible for missing items.

Missing Items Policies

  • CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE SURE ALL ITEMS ARE RECEIVED. Inspect all products in the presence of the carrier representative. If you detect any missing items from the shipment, you must document in writing on the paperwork provided by the driver. Make sure to note the paperwork in front of the carrier and have the driver sign the paperwork. Report the issue to immediately via our Claims Submission Form.
  • will not be responsible for any missing items that are not clearly marked on the Bill of Lading (paperwork) you sign from the driver. If you sign and accept the delivery you are agreeing that all the items in your order have been received, minus any backordered items that you have already been notified about.
  • Note that some items are packed together in a single box (example: trim, molding, toe kicks). Please inspect the boxes to make sure that all your pieces are accounted for.

Damage/Defects Policies

  • Please inspect all boxes for visible damage in the presence of the carrier representative. If you detect any visibly damaged or defective items from the shipment, you must notify in writing on the Bill of Lading (driver’s paperwork) in front of the carrier and report the issue to immediately via our Claims Submission Form.
  • is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs during shipment after you give the carrier a clean receipt. All damages that are caused during the delivery process are not covered under the warranty.
  • All unconcealed damaged items must be reported on the bill of lading (driver’s paperwork) at the time of delivery. All claims then must be reported to via our Claims Submission Form by sending the info regarding the issue and pictures showing the damage. No claims with be allowed without the proper paperwork signed by both you the customer and the carrier representative.
  • All concealed damaged items must be reported within 30 days after the product has been delivered. All claims then must be reported to via our Claims Submission Form by sending the info regarding the issue and pictures showing the damage.
  • Clear photos showing the damage or defective items will be required to process any claim.
  • All product verified correctly as defective will be shipped at no charge.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 1-877-KRD-0088.

Cabinet Replacements

  • Once a claim has been processed, will get the replacement parts shipped out in 1-5 business days depending on the item or items being replaced.
  • will replace only the parts of the cabinet that are damaged. If only a door or drawer needs to be replaced, we will not replace the entire cabinet. is not responsible for the assembly of the new part.
  • is not responsible for any additional fees incurred.

Return/Cancellation/Mistake Policies

  • NO RETURNS on kitchen cabinets or cabinet parts and accessories. does not accept cancellation of orders or accept any returns, so please review all orders carefully.
  • We offer free design services to help the customer buy with confidence; however we do not accept any design related responsibility.
  • If a mistake is made during the checkout process, you may contact via email at immediately to try and resolve the issue; however reserves the right to deny any requests.