Rev-a-Shelf Grooming Organizer

Starting at $221.21 Regular Price $340.33
Fits Vanity w/Full-Height Door; Tall Vanity Cabinets: 15" wide Framed, 12" wide Frameless
Starting at $221.21 Regular Price $340.33
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Being beautiful is no longer a beast with the 445 Vanity Grooming Organizer. Designed for Full-Height door Vanity Base and Tall Vanity Base cabinets, this 19” deep organizer comes complete with adjustable shelves and two stainless steel bins for storing curling irons and hair dryers. The adjustable shelves feature non-skid vinyl liners and clear polycarbonate rails. It features our patented adjustable door mount brackets that allow up to 5 inches of flexibility for trouble-free installation on any door style. The unit glides on our patented “tri-slides” that reduce side-to-side motion and provides complete stability when pulled out of the cabinet.

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