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New Year, New Kitchen!

3 months ago 6166 Views No comments

The start of a new year brings so much excitement and possibility. We want you to start your new year with a kitchen makeover and no, we're not talking all new cabinets and countertops. With the addition of several of our Rev-A-Shelf accessories, your kitchen will feel organized and clutter-free. We can't think of a better way to start 2018!!

6 Steps to Prep Your Kitchen for the Holidays

3 months ago 10042 Views No comments

Yes, it's that time of year again!! The holidays are right around the corner and now is the time to get your kitchen ready for the season. The kitchen becomes the main hub during the holidays and most people entertain, cook, and clean more than they do the rest of the year. We have 6 simple steps you can take now so you are will be ready for the holiday festivities to begin!

5 Tips for Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

3 months ago 6817 Views No comments

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home and there are so many decisions to be made when starting the process of renovating or designing a new kitchen. Your design style, functionality, and budget are the three biggest factors when making decisions and can help guide you in figuring out the best cabinets to install in the space.

7 Questions Before Any Kitchen Remodel

5 months ago 12745 Views 2 comments

There is so much to take into consideration before taking on one of the biggest home projects, the kitchen remodel. In order to get the space of your dreams, it's important to ask yourself the following questions before starting…

Taking Advantage of Our Sample Door Program

7 months ago 4494 Views No comments

An absolute necessity when planning any kitchen or bath remodel is to get samples of all the materials that you are planning to use. From the cabinet doors and flooring, down to the cabinet hardware, it is important to see your choices all together before making the leap on a large investment.

How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

8 months ago 6876 Views No comments

A small kitchen definitely presents a set of challenges, especially when it comes to storage. But, don't let that discourage you! We have a few tips to help you make the most of your small kitchen.

Kitchen Decorating Dilemmas

1 years ago 20536 Views No comments

So you have this newly completed kitchen with the cabinets you've always wanted, a beautiful countertop, shiny new hardware, and fancy appliances, but one thing is missing... the décor! Just as there are rules when it comes to designing a kitchen, there are some rules of thumb when decorating it.

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

1 years ago 18904 Views No comments

One of the most popular trends in kitchens today is the mixing of metal finishes within the space. Wait, mixing metals?! Yes! When you have more than one finish in your kitchen, it helps create a unique, collected space rather than one that looks like every other kitchen on the block. But, don't go crazy yet! There are a few rules to follow when mixing the metal finishes in your kitchen...

How to Pick the Right Countertops to Complement Your Kitchen Cabinets

1 years ago 6425 Views 7 comments

Your choice in countertop material is a very important decision, usually ranked right after cabinets, and many factors come into play when making this selection in your remodeling project.

How to Pick the Right Backsplash to Complement your Kitchen Cabinets

1 years ago 11507 Views No comments

You've been pinning for months on Pinterest, scouring the internet for kitchen inspiration, and you are finally ready to start your kitchen remodel. You know which cabinets and countertops you want, but what about your backsplash? A backsplash in a kitchen is one of the final touches and helps bring the design together cohesively.

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