Assembled Cabinets vs. Ready to Assemble (RTA) Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are usually purchased and delivered in one of two ways: Assembled or Ready to assemble (RTA).

Assembled kitchen cabinets are delivered already assembled, built from the manufacturer and ready to be installed in the home. Assembled cabinets do not require the homeowner to build the cabinets; everything is complete, including all the drawers and hardware components. RTA kitchen cabinets are delivered in a form that is commonly referred to as 'flat packed' or unassembled.

RTA cabinets require the consumer to put together and build the cabinets at the location that they are being installed. The cabinet is in a broken down form and will require a little extra work from the installer, however, are generally offered at a lower price. offers both types of cabinets to appeal to different types of buyers. We have listed the pros & cons of both types and would like to get your opinion on which type you prefer.


Assembled Kitchen Cabinets (View Deerfield® Construction)

Assembled Kitchen Cabinets Shipping

*Assembled cabinets packaging shown above is from Deerfield Assembled Cabinets. Packaging and containers may vary.


1. Completely ASSEMBLED and built in the USA. No assembly required by the homeowner, ready to be installed.

2. Generally offers a better-finished product due to the fact that they are assembled at the manufacturer with the right tools and machines.

3. Allows for more internal cabinet accessories like trash pullout, lazy susan, etc.

4. All Wood cabinet construction

5. KCMA Certified

6. Limited Lifetime Warranty

7. Dove-tail drawers sanded and polished at the factory for perfection

8. Six-way adjustable hinge

9. Wall cabinets are full depth shelves. Base cabinets are half depth shelves.


1. Longer shipping lead-time due to the fact that the cabinets are built after the order has been placed.

2. Slightly more expensive due to the extra labor and manufacturing cost.


RTA Kitchen Cabinets (View Titusville® Construction; View Crestview Construction; View Palmdale Construction)

Kingsbury Kitchen Cabinets Shipping


1. Shorter shipping lead-time, since the cabinets are in stock and ready to be shipped out as soon as the order is placed.

2. More affordable to the consumer

3. All Wood cabinet construction

5. Limited Lifetime Warranty

6. Dove-tail drawers

7. Six-way adjustable hinge

8. Wall cabinets are full depth shelves. Base cabinets are 3/4 depth shelves (for Titusville, Crestview, and Palmdale RTA lines)


1. Cabinets require the buyer to assemble them at the job site creating extra work.

2. Harder to guarantee the quality of the finished product since the cabinet is not being assembled at the manufacturer.

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