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Attaching Cabinet Handles or Pulls without Damaging the Door

Once you get the hang of it, installing kitchen cabinet handles is a simple process, with just a few key tips. Do-it-yourself beginners will love this project, because it is easy and makes your kitchen, new or old, have a fresh new look. Shop our discount kitchen cabinet pulls or purchase them at your local hardware store.

Step 1 - Determine the placement of the handle on the door. Depending on the orientation and level of the door, you may want to place the handle in different locations. See the image below. For most drawers (A), the proper place to install the kitchen cabinet handle is in the center of the door panel. However on larger wall cabinets (B), it is a good idea to keep the pull at arms reach, just above the bottom of the door panel. Base cabinets (C) we also would recommend keeping the handle at arms reach, towards the top of the door panel. For smaller cabinets like the oven wall cabinet shown below (D), we recommend placing the handle in the middle (vertically) of the door panel. Of course these are just suggestions, and you can place them however you see fits best.

Kitchen Cabinet Handle Installation Methods


Step 2 - Use a tape measure to mark the holes that you will drill in the door. Your kitchen cabinet handles should be labeled on the packaging or website with a Screw Centers measurement. This is the distance between the two base holes where they will be attached to the cabinet door. If there is no label, simply measure the distance with your tape measure and use this for the markings.


Step 3 - Create a jig that will be used to drill all the doors in the same spot. Maintaining proper measurement distance throughout will make the process a lot easier, and more consistent.


Step 4 - Drill from the front of the door and use a small bit to make the starter hole. This is important when drilling holes for pulls and knobs because you can't fix a hole that's too large for the screw. A smaller bit also prevents the hole on the backside of the cabinet from blowing out and splintering.

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Installation

Step 5 - Attach the kitchen cabinet handle. While holding the cabinet pulls on the front of the cabinet, screw in from the backside of the cabinet door.

Step 6 - Repeat for the second pull hole. After you've attached the kitchen cabinet handle, bush off excess dust and you should be good to go on your next one!

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