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Kitchen Backsplash: Focus on Glass

Kitchen Backsplash: Focus on Glass
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Backsplash can be a great focal point for your kitchen. Depending on the type of backsplash you choose you can add a pop of color, shimmer or polish to your kitchen. Glass backsplash is popular because of its water resistance and ability to reflect light.

There is a huge range both in color, material and price for kitchen backsplash... so the first two things to consider are your budget and the overall look you want to achieve. Is your style French country? Modern-rustic? Traditional? What colors do you want to see in your kitchen? I recommend reading design magazines, talking to your friends and visiting websites like Pinterest to get a good idea of what you might want your kitchen to look like. Here are some of our ideas... Once you have a general idea you can start to look for backsplash that will complement the rest of your kitchen decor.

Today, we are focusing on glass backsplash and will talk about many other options out there in posts to come:

Glass Backsplash

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are very popular and add shimmer to your kitchen. Breakthroughs in the industry have changed the cutting and installation techniques giving consumers much more variety. Many people choose neutral cabinets or wall colors and select a colored glass backsplash to add personality and flare to their kitchen. Vibrant colors are very popular as are light-blue tiles against a white or neutral cabinet for a very clean, light and fresh feel. Glass backsplash comes in several formats: sticks, mosaics, 4-inch x 12-inch, 12-inch x 12-inch, and custom patterns.

Back-Painted Glass

Back-painted glass backsplash is being used more and more. The back-painted glass backsplash is tempered glass over painted walls. The great part about this is the colors you can choose from are almost endless and the glass provides a smooth surface so it's very easy to clean. However, the glass is usually custom-cut so it is not always the most economical option.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic glass tiles are also popular. Colors and patterns can be combined to create a look that will go with any kitchen style, whether modern or more traditional.

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